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About Us

GL print is a company specialized in the field of publications and paper advertising. The company provides customers with the requirements of printing, with excellent service high quality and great prices for distinguished customers.

Qualified Team

From designers to developers to writers, our team is equipped with a diverse set of skills.

Professional Support

Our team works diligently to ensure that all your questions are answered and your needs met.

High Quality Work

All our work is executed with the highest degree of efficiency.


We provide the best printing services with the latest tools, machines and the best technologies. We also do professional designs and pay attention to the smallest details to serve our customers as we are keen on their complete satisfaction.

GL Print Presentation

This presentation shows services what we can do for you. You will identify GL good from these presentations.

Accelerate the transformation towards development and expansion

“We are the business of printing however we feel that our company produces something larger than ink on paper, we help craft your ideas, hopes and dreams, our company produces success. Our mission is to provide you with the highest-quality products and services possible in a timely fashion and at a competitive price. We promise to listen to you and help you achieve your business goals. We will always be there with honest, expert advice and quick, friendly customer service to meet and exceed your expectations. We tailor our process and workflow to each client is unique needs. We constantly strive to do better and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your process..” Tamer Mamdouh Co-Founder / General Manager

Our team is always available to assist you. Work Times: Saturaday : 9:30 AM : 7:30 PM Sunday : 9:30 AM : 7:30 PM Monday : 9:30 AM : 7:30 PM Tuesday : 9:30 AM : 7:30 PM Wednesday : 9:30 AM : 7:30 PM Thursday : 9:30 AM : 7:30 PM


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