All Printing Requirement

We have many printing options of the highest possible quality. Also, We have the human capabilities and machines that enable us to meet the needs of schools, academies and companies in order to print all paper supplies, books, booklets and any thing to print and deliver them on time and with the required quality. We print all types of black and colors with excellent quality. We also do binding of all kinds with excellent materials.

Trust GL

Once you agree with us, we care about your paper advertisement in all stages of the development of your organization. We print flyers, Brochure, Banner, Roll up. And we print on mug, t-shirt, coaster and pens. We can also make notebooks, agenda, business card and ID. We set specific and appropriate prices for schools to print all their books and booklet needs.


GL can print huge orders and a large number of books in a short time and with the highest quality. We can print on many materials such as sublimation materials, fabrics, glass, as well as all types of papers (coche of all kinds - Crystal - Vibriano). We have the ability to participate in organizing exhibitions and conferences and to print their supplies.